Corporate Overview

Welcome to Projective Space.


Incorporated in 2006, Projective Space is a signal processing consultancy company specialising in the analysis of highly uncertain, random and time varying data streams from unstructured sources. Registered and based in Singapore, Projective Space Private Limited was established as a provider of signal processing research and development expertise, allowing clients to exploit various data streams to meet their application objectives. Founded on the basis of over 25 years of experience in visual guidance systems for mobile robotic platforms and vehicles, Projective Space specialises in vision based perception systems for both natural and man-made environments, which may be augmented by alternative perceptive sensors such as laser, lidar, sonar, radar as well as inertial systems.

Company Principles

Projective Space works by the following principles for every client:

The Team

Led by an industry veteran with wide ranging academic and industrial experience in signal processing, the Projective Space team is comprised of ten highly motivated and innovative engineers ranging from doctoral to diploma graduates. Given the teams' theoretical and practical foundation, it possesses a vast array of skillsets such as stochastic signal processing, computer/machine vision, laser / lidar / sonar / radar / time series data stream processing, mobile and industrial robotics, as well as real-time embedded and distributed system development and integration.

Partners and Clients

We work with a broad range of local and multi-national companies and institutes.

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