Projective Space offers a variety of services to our institutional and industrial clients. Feel free to contact us for further inquiries.


Projective Space has an established track record of ensuring the success of our clients large scale projects by providing our signal processing expertise and experience over the course of their long term commitments. With a team of highly skilled professional engineers, we seamlessly integrate into our clients in-house teams, taking either advisory roles or taking full responsibility for the development of complete subcomponents of the project. With particular expertise in intelligent perceptive systems, mobile robotics and distributed networks, Projective Space is your trusted partner to ease your workload.


The Projective Space team comprises a number of doctorate holding engineers with many years of academic and teaching experience. By working with our industrial partners over the years and having hands on experience in applying academically developed methods to real world problems, Projective Space has that unique combination of theoretical and practical knowledge it has used to develop a number of training courses. These include,

Software Development

Stemming from robotics backgrounds, all our engineers are well versed in software implementation, embedded system development and distributed systems management. We have numerous years of experience in developing real-time software modules that interface with hardware components for control, data acquisition, signal processing, graphics rendering etc. across a wide range of programming platforms and operating systems. Projective Space is therefore an ideal partner should you wish to outsource your software development projects.


Robust perception systems typically require the projection of multiple data streams, potentially in different measurements spaces (laser to vision for instance), into a common reference frame. For noisy or highly distorted data streams, this can be a challenging procedure. Having worked with a multitude of sensors, Projective Space is well suited to calibrate your complex perception systems, allowing for enhanced benefits to be realised.

Data collection

Developing new perceptive systems requires extensive back testing on offline datasets. As Projective Space continually invests in technology development, the Projective Space team has worked with a diverse array of land, sea and air-based, collecting terabytes of application specific datasets from a multitude of sensor types. With a broad range of facilities available, you can readily outsource your regional dataset acquisition needs to Projective Space.

Analysis and Evaluation

Every perceptive sensor has its own merits and drawbacks, and not every sensor is suited to every application. Given the vast diversity of materials and objects in a typical outdoor environment, extensive analysis of acquired datasets is required to determine sufficient quality, accuracy and integrity of datastreams to meet the intended application. Simply provide Projective Space with the datasets, describe the intended application and we can assess if the goal is achieveable.

Technology Review

Given the academic background of numerous team members, we have carried out a multitude of technology reviews and assessments. Our in-depth algorithmic knowledge and experience makes us your first choice partner for documenting state-of-the-art technology as well as highlighting interesting approaches stemming from the academic literature.